miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2011

Unit 3.. Finding a Job

So, we saw a video about "Top 10 online search job tips" wo explained, the best way to impress those who you are trying to send your resume..

One of the most important thing is the name you will put on the document you are attaching, the best way to do it, is by using your Last Name and Name, to gain respect for the one whos going to read it, also will help u a lot if u send ur resume in PDF format, it will maintain a good format in any computer, and it can’t be changed.

Finally in your resume put a good pic of yourself, a contact number including an email..

After the video, we searched for entry and ideal jobs.. This is what i found

Entry Level 


We were looking for jobs.. and i found this entry level job, is about "Girls Apparel Graphic Designer" , this company is searching for t-shirt graphic designers with experience in the girls & juniors market. And 'coz im a girl i think i may know how the girls want their clothes.. lol .. For them is important the person has illustration skills, as well knowledge of Illustrator & Photoshop softwares.. Also, work under tigh deadlines is one requirement.. I selected it, coz i have what it takes to fulfill their expectations.

Ideal Job


This other job i think is the ideal, is in Shanghai and is about all graphic designer dream.. is a good job, with an option to learn about another culture.. I think i will be great for the job, because i have knowledge in photoshop and illustrator, who are required by the company, also im learning chinese so it wont be much trouble the language.. And most important i have the courage to create myself new path and embrace the chalenges..

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