martes, 13 de septiembre de 2011

About Me!

Hey again, like i said before, i will post my english homework in this blog, this way i will improve my skills on english...

So the first assignment is to talk a little about me..
My name is Vanessa Villamizar. I’m from Maracaibo. I’m 19 years old and I study Graphic Design at URBE. i absolutely love my career especially Illustration, This is my penultimate trimester.. I like a lot of things, like go to the movies, read books, my fav writer is Agatha Christie, i like hang out with my friends, dancing, be with my family, eat all kind of junk food like every other regular teenager, i love other languages and cultures, go to the beach, travel and also i enjoy doing Yoga, is the only "athletic" thing im good at.. 

Now, i dislike animals, i fear them, i hate SOUP, im like Mafalda in that aspect, i don't know how can exist.. i hate clowns, they scare me till death, i hate violence, racism, and lies, and people who think Graphic designers only cut and paste papers.
My goal, is to graduate and be a good profesional, also i dream to travel around the world, and do all of things, go to a real ballet, to a NFL game, etc, i would love to be able to speak many languages.. if i would have to choose another career i will study Modern Languages. 

That's why i think english is very important. I learn english everyday, when i listen music,watch a tv show or a movie, or even when i chat with some friends, i believe the hardest thing to do is the speaking, and in every oportunity i have i try to speak to improve myself..

So.. guess you know a little bit of myself now..!! Hope u like it..!! See ya!

Vero and I
This is the mind map about my friend Pichi... Enjoy the Pichinator :)

Now, i have to introduce Pichi.. So let's meet Him!

His name is Emigdio Herrera, but everybody calls him Pichi, or apiwi in my case.. He's 20 years old and is one of my dearest friends, he's from Maracaibo too, and also is studying Graphic Design at URBE.. 

He's a very outgoing person, he loves and enjoy rock climbing , he practices capoeira, if you want to talk to him you can always find him in "Rasta" is like his second home, he plays guitar, and all those crazy games like portal or final fantasy, also is a pro in RockBand and Guitar Hero, he can beat you anytime..

His dreams... well he just haven't figure it out..

He doesn't like girly stuff, or coldplay, also he dislikes fake people, and is not a very morning person, because he hates waking up early.. He likes english and everyday learn a little more by watching movies, series, through games.. He thinks that knowing english is an important tool, who will open you many doors, in any part of the world.

Emigdio "Pichi" Herrera

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