miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011

Final Project!

Yellooou people, So, for the final project of English, we have to create a campaing for the Chinita's Fair in Second Life... This Fair is a regional traditions and very important to the citizens. 
This campaing has to be made by group (In this case my friend Pichi and I ).. So my group create 2 pieces, A poster and a serie of bottle flask, this campaing is focus on young people who wants to enjoy the fair.. On Second Life we will use a sort of elements to show our products.

We start by making a list to arrange our thoughts..


This is the list made by me.. It contains a resume
 of 5 steps who will help people to create a campaing
 Now we have the pieces..

This is the poster of the campaing
made by Emigdio Herrera

 This poster is a synthesis of the Chiquinquira's Virgin is the main idea of the whole campaing.. After the poster we create the bottle flask

This is made by Me, with the art of the poster
and is presented with diferent colours
And finally because is a campaign for young people we made T-shirts

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